David Bowie's "Lazarus" Video Is Out

The official video for David Bowie's new song "Lazarus" premiered  today, to coincide with the release of the influential rocker's latest studio album, the title of which is stylized as a black star symbol and is pronounced Blackstar. 

The video begins with Bowie, clad in white linen and lying in what appears to be a hospital bed, wearing the same gauzy blindfold with buttons sewn over his eyes that he dons in some scenes from the recent promo clip for Blackstar's title track.  A mysterious woman in a hospital gown also is seen lurking under and near the bed.

As the video proceeds, Bowie is shown out of the bed, without the blindfold and wearing a tight-fitting black jumpsuit with white diagonal stripes.  He does a quirky dance while positioned in front of an antique armoire, then later is seen sitting at a desk in the room, furiously writing with a fountain pen.  As the clip ends, David steps backward into the armoire and closes the door.

The "Lazarus" video was directed by Johan Renck, who also was behind the lens for the "Blackstar" clip.

"One could only dream about collaborating with a mind like that; let alone twice," Renck says of working with Bowie. "Intuitive, playful, mysterious and profound...I have no desire to do any more videos knowing the process never ever gets as formidable and fulfilling as this was. I've basically touched the sun."

"Lazarus" is a brooding, mid-tempo tune that features an insistent bass groove, slashing guitar chords and a mournful sax solo that becomes more frantic as the track reaches its climax.  Besides appearing on Bowie's new album, the song also serves as the title track to his new stage production, which was inspired by the character David portrayed in the 1976 sci-fi film The Man Who Fell to Earth.

The release of Bowie's new album today coincides with his 69th birthday. A special website, ImABlackStar.com, has been launched to promote the record, and features links to various websites where it can be purchased.


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