David Bowie's The Last Panthers Theme

The new song that David Bowie wrote and recorded for use as the theme music for the upcoming European television The Last Panthers has premiered online at the Sky Atlantic network's official YouTube channel. 

The tune, titled "Blackstar," can be heard in a video showing the crime drama's opening sequence.

The song begins with Bowie chanting ominously, "On the day of execution, only women kneel and smile…At the center of it all, your eyes." Then some synth-based Middle Eastern-sounding music kicks in, driven by a thumping bass line.  The Last Panther opening combines live action and animation, and includes images of a smoking gun, breaking glass, angels and demons.

Bowie wrote "Blackstar" after meeting with The Last Panthers director Johan Renck, who says he showed the rock legend versions of the first two episodes and talked with him about the show's themes to help inspire him to create the tune.

"We discussed the various aspects of the show; naturally the plot line, but also the underlying currents of guilt and personality flaws," says Renck.  "We talked about the dark heart of Europe.  We talked about the biblical aspects of human nature."

In addition, the director says he showed Bowie "the first concept board I had just made for the title sequence -- images from the show laced with chimaeras and demons from the worlds of [Renaissance painters] Bosch and Grunewald."

The Panthers is a six-part series featuring John Hurt and Samantha Morton.  The show will premiere on November 12, and will air on the Sky Atlantic network in the U.K., Ireland, Italy, Germany and Austria, and on Canal+ in France. No word on Australia yet.

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