Coolio Warns Eminem Could Be Killed For Dissing Trump

Eminem released his ninth studio album Revival just last week and fans couldn't help but notice a recurring theme.

In amongst lyrics about fatherhood and growing old, Eminem disses Donald Trump repeatedly throughout the album.

He likens the US President to Adolf Hitler, and calls him a 'Nazi' and an 'Aryan' who 'generally hates the black people, degrades Hispanics'.

Now Eminem is being warned that all this shade could come back to bite him. Or kill him, even.

Fellow rapper, Coolio, spoke to TMZ and was asked how he thought Trump would react. 

"Who knows, man? Trump is a little bit... he's a weirdo, so you know, he might do anything" he said. 

"He might have Eminem killed."

TMZ claim that due to the mirrored shades Coolio was wearing at the time, it was unclear whether or not he was joking.

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