Bruno Mars Is Being Sued Over Cute Childhood Pic

Bruno Mars is currently in a little trouble after posting the below (GAWGEOUS) pic on his insta.

When you're too impatient for Throwback Thursday so you fully embrace Way Back Wednesday . #1989

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The photo shows him as a pint-sized Elvis Presley least according to the photographer who just sued Bruno.

Catherine McGann says she snapped the 1989 shot of Bruno -- when he would've been just 3 or 4 years old, but was already famously performing the King's hits.

The photographer claim that she owns the copyright on the shot ... so, she was shocked to see it pop up all over Bruno's social media.

TMZ obtained some documents regarding the issue which states that Bruno posted the photos way back in June on his insta, FB and twitter pages...for a "way back Wednesday" that just.blew.up.

The photo garnered 1.2 million likes on Insta alone - in other words ... 24k magic!

Now, it doesn't take a suspicious mind to figure out the alleged problem here -- McGann says Bruno never got permission to use her copyrighted work. She's suing Bruno and his record label, Warner Music, for damages and all profits they earned from her photo.


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