10 Ways To Make Sure You Have The Best New Year’s Eve

Whether you are planning an all-day stake out with your friends at one of the alcohol free vantage points or partying the night away at a ticketed event, New Year's Eve can be the most hectic night of the year. So we've come up with some foolproof hacks to help you get prepared.

1. Pick Your Vantage Point

View the interactive vantage point map at www.sydneynewyearseve.com/vantage-points/ to find the best place for you and your friends to view the fireworks and party the night away.

A lot of ticketed vantage points are starting to sell out fast, so if you haven’t already, choose your location and get familiar with what you can bring.

2. Check the Weather

Do you need to bring a hat, sunscreen or even a raincoat?

You don't want to be caught out in the rain and you definitely don't want to be feeling the cold on your way home at 3am…

3. Pack a Picnic that Packs a Punch

Make sure you and your friends bring a picnic blanket and some party food to keep your hunger at bay.  You don’t want to be leaving your vantage point once you have secured your spot. 

4.  Stay Hydrated

We all love a NYE toast, but it's also important to drink water to survive the night. Take an esky and fill it with ice, cold beverages and lots of water. Share the load with your friends. 

5.  Pack Flats To Stay Upright

In order to keep "stacking it" to a minimum, if you’re a gal and love a good pair of heels, pack some flats for the treacherous trek home. 

6. Know Where the Nearest Amenities Are

There's nothing worse than needing to go, and having no idea where the nearest facilities are. If you're at a vantage point, there are sure to be a few around – but just in case, check it out!

7. Charge Your Batteries

Ah technology. Amazing when it's working, disastrous when you're on 2% with three hours of the night left.

Bring a portable charger and share the love with friends. Keep fully charged so that you can capture all the incredible memories of the night.

8. Choose a Meeting Spot

The crowds can be HUGE on NYE and losing your party can be as easy as 1,2,3.

In the case of losing one another, choose a meeting spot where you can go to so that you can meet up again.

9. Plan the Best Way Home.

There's nothing worse than being stranded at the end of a massive night. The city works differently on NYE and there are changes to transport and major road closures. Plan your journey  to and from your vantage point ahead of time www.sydneynewyearseve.com/plan-your-nye/ and don’t forget to top up your opal card before the event.

10. Avoid the Hangover On January 1st

Drink plenty of water and down those berocca's, start the new year feeling fresh and with the correct mindset.

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