5SOS Ashton Irwin Reveals He Was A Bit Of A Rascal

Photo: Michael Clifford, Calum Hood ,Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds Of Summer perform on ABC's 'Good Morning America' at Rumsey Playfield, Central Park on August 21, 2015 in New York City.

They may seem like good Sydney boys but 5 Seconds of Summer drummer Ashton Irwin admits he was a bit of a rascal and egged a McDonald's before he became famous.

The 21-year-old revealed his past hijinks on Sunday during a secret gig in Sydney, where the band played to a select group at the Oxford Art Factory for a recording for Channel V.

After playing a short selection of their hits, including oldies She Looks So Perfect and What I Like About You and recent singles Jet Black Heart and She's Kinda Hot, the band answered questions from fans.

It was one seemingly innocuous question about their McDonald's orders that provoked Irwin's revelation about what happened at a branch of the fast food chain west of Sydney.

"Before I left with the band, I used to eat McDonald's most days ...and on the last day with my friend we egged McDonald's at Windsor, and I just want to formally apologise to the people who had to clean that up," he said. "I'm sorry. We were little rascals."

The crowd seemed ready to forgive the drummer and were even happier when the band revealed their recent hit single, She's Kinda Hot, was written without a particular girl in mind.

"It's not really about anyone...it's just a hook," Irwin said to screams from the crowd.

"I think the lyrics are special but it's not really about anyone. She's Kinda Hot is about don't judge a book by the cover," singer Michael Clifford added.

The boys have been back home in Australia on a short trip to promote their upcoming second album, Sounds Good Feels Good.

On their last day in Australia, before they jetted off to London for the One Big Night for Children in Need concert, the band played in the Sydney venue, which had a particularly special meaning for them.

"We filmed our first ever music video here," Irwin told the crowd.

*Sounds Good Feels Good will be released on October 23

Source: AAP

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