A Beyonce And Jay-Z Themed Restaurant Has Just Opened In Syd

If you’re a HUGE Beyonce and Jay-Z fan, you’re definitely not alone.

Could there be two cooler people in the world? We think not. So when we heard whispers that a restaurant inspired by Bey and Jay was opening in Sydney - we got very, VERY excited.

The restaurant is called ‘The Carter’ and has popped up in O’Connell St in Sydney - and as you can imagine, is every Bey and Jay fan’s dream com true; not only for the amazing decor an industrial feel, but the FOOD, man!

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"[The restaurant] was inspired by New York's great architecture, food and controversial entertainment," The Carter's manager Chady Khouzame told The Music.

"Jay-Z and Beyoncé have always been at the centre of controversy which is what inspired our hidden messages in artwork surrounding the bar and murals on the wall in the basement."

The restaurant's menu is a major tribute to other pop culture icons as well, with drinks like the cognac 'Obama Out', vodka 'Kimye' and spiced rum 'Snoop Lion.'

Now, just excuse us while we camp out ad wait for the King and Queen themselves to stop in for a visit, because why wouldn’t you visit a restaurant that’s MADE for you?!


Source: MTV Australia

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