A Woman Almost Died At Adele’s Adelaide Concert

When Poonja Newman went to Adele’s Adelaide concert, the last thing she expected was to spend two days in Intensive Care.

But that’s exactly what happened.

The mum of three suffers from a latex allergy – which was triggered when hundreds of giant balloons dropped into the crowd.

The Adelaide woman said they were covered in a latex powder.

“I felt my lips swelling and I couldn’t breathe,” she told Seven News.

“I knew I was in trouble.”


Going into anaphylactic shock, Poonja jabbed herself with three epi pens – but it wasn’t enough.

Her sister says they could have lost her after an ambulance took 30 minutes to arrive.

Their sharing their story in the hope that organisers will reconsider the use of the balloons, with latex a well-known occupational hazard.

Many hospitals have already phased out the use of latex gloves.

So scary. 

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