Adele Disguises Herself, Auditions To Be Adele Impersonator

Adele teamed up with Graham Norton to play a prank on her biggest fans.

She disguised herself as "Jenny", and went to an Adele impersonator audition.

She wore prosthetics on her face so she wouldn't be immediately recognised, and changed her accent.

Then she went backstage with the other "Adele's" to have a bit of fun.

One said: "Can't wait for her new album. New music."

To which Jenny (the real Adele) replied: "Takin' her time".

Adele even pretended to be really nervous, and missed her cue in "Make You Feel My Love".

But when she opened her mouth to sing, everyone began to realise that Jenny was in fact Adele, and they lost their minds.

The lucky super fans even got to hang out with the superstar herself!

H/T Buzzfeed

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