Adele Freaked Out By A Bat Flying Around Stage In Mexico

Oh Lord we love Adele. And the potty-mouthed Adele is often the best kind.

When performing in Mexico City this week, we got to see that special kind of Adele in all of its utter glory.

Vision captured by a concert goer shows what happened (watch above), when Adele was taken by surprise by a bat flying around the stage she was on.

Flapping her arms about as if they were wings whilst flowing profanities, she yelled "There's a bat! There's a bat there and it landed by your head!", pointing at someone in the audience.

"Oh my God, it's a f-cking bat! Welcome to Mexico. It's true, I'm happy to be here, but a f-cking bat, Jesus Christ!"

To the delight of her Australian fans, Adele announced just this week she'll be visiting our shores for a national Australian tour in March next year, and we all know we have some pretty scary animals in Australia... good luck Adele!

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