Adele Hacked! Crazed Fan Released Personal Photos

Adele is probably one of the most famous people in the world right now, and one of the most private.

She has fallen victim to hacking after a fan posted private images of her son Angelo, a pregnancy scan and various others online.

The images are believed to have come from Adele's partner Simon Konecki's email address and posted to a Facebook fan group.

The photos include Angelo as a newborn, Adele when she was pregnant, a pregnancy scan photo and photos of Adele when she was younger.

According to The Sun on Sunday, it was a fan in the Facebook group who alerted her management to the invasion of her privacy.

"I was appalled and upset for Adele when I saw the pictures," they said. "They are really private and should not be passed around.

"I think it is disgusting that her so-called fans were sending them around and I thought it should be stopped."

Adele is currently on tour with her new album, 25.

London / O2 Arena / Mar 16

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The news comes after Harry Styles' mum, Anne Twist, had her iCloud hacked and private photos were released of her son and Kendall Jenner.

Source: The Sun

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