Angry Anderson: 'He Was The Man I Wanted Him To Be'

Australian rock star Angry Anderson has opened up about his youngest son's tragic death in an emotional chat on Andrew Denton's Channel Seven program "Interview"

The Rose Tattoo singer broke down in tears during his first television interview since Liam Anderson, 26, was allegedly bashed to death in a park on Sydney's northern beaches.

Liam had left a party to look after his friend Mathew Flame, who had allegedly ingested alcohol and MDMA capsules.

Denton asked Angry about how he had raised his children to be kind, Anderson looked down as he choked back tears.

'The way he was raised is what got him into that situation, he was looking after somebody. So do I regret that? How could I possibly regret raising him that way? He was the man I wanted him to be,' Anderson said.

Anderson's eldest child Roxanne appeared with him for support and agreed her younger brother showed love to every person in his life.

'He was just such a beautiful soul. He was so kind and very gentle, very similar to what dad is like with us. He saw the best in everything and was positive. He was just so loveable in so many different ways,' she said.

Anderson revealed that every night before he goes to bed, he doesn't know what he's going to feel when he wakes the next morning.

'The days where you bounce out of bed and it's like, life is a reward. I try to cling to that daily because it's what I believe. But the bad days are awful. Some days I just don't leave the house,' Anderson said.

Anderson also spoke of how his family never leaves one another without saying 'I love you'

Flame is charged with Liams murder and remains in custody. He will next appear in court via videolink on May 14.

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