Iggy Azalea To Press Charges After Nude Photos Leaked Online

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is threatening legal action after nude photos of her from a GQ photo shoot in 2016 were leaked online.

The nude photos were reportedly leaked online over the weekend and shortly after the ‘Fancy’ rapper released a lengthy statement on Instagram and Twitter, saying that she felt “violated”.

She has since completely deleted her social media accounts but screen grabs of her statements have shown the 28-year-old defending her decision to pose nude for the shoot a number of years ago.

“I hadn’t see other women’s cover leak so I felt comfortable (on a closed set) to model for such a reputable magazine knowing only the images with my hands covering would be considered for print,” she explained.

Azalea claimed that she never gave consent to have the photos released and felt “blindsided” when they appeared online.

“I feel blindsided, embarrassed, violated, angry, sad and a million other things,” she continued in her post. “Not solely because I did not consent to this - but also because of the vile way people have reacted.”

The Australian editor for GQ, Michael Christensen also spoke out about the leak, saying that the outtakes were never intended for publication.

“We were very disappointed to learn that outtakes from a 2016 photo shoot which were not approved or intended for publication appear to have been stolen from the photographer,” Mr Christensen said.

“We understand an investigation is underway.”

After the photos were leaked, many people on social media began resharing the images along with inappropriate comments.

Others have started the hashtag online, #RespectIggy, in order to get people to stop sharing the nude images.

The photographer of the shoot also spoke out on Instagram saying that he was “outraged” by the incident.

“I’m outraged and saddened to find out that images of mine were stolen and published without my permission. There is currently an investigation underway. Posting these stolen images is illegal and anyone who has done so will be prosecuted,” he said.

Azalea also stated that she would be pressing criminal charges.

“I full intend on finding out where the leak originated from and pressing criminal charges in regards to this,” she wrote.

“It’s important to me that someone actually be held accountable for their actions and the way it impacts my life.”

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