Selena Gomez Has Gone Private On Instagram

I'm sure a lot of people think about how amazing life would be if we could swap lives with a celebrity. Going to the most glamourous parties, wearing the most amazing clothes, living in the most insane houses...

The only thing we would hate about it all is not being able to keep any part of your life private because being in the public eye is just part of the celebrity job description. And this is especially so today with social media making it impossible to stay out of the spotlight.

But it seems that one major celeb, Selena Gomez, has said a big 'HELL no' to letting people have a sneak peak into every aspect of her life and has taken a serious stand.

And if you don't already follow Selena on instagram you're going to be super disappointed because ya girl has switched her account settings to private...and in the world of a celebrity that is a BIG DEAL!

Since Gomez palmed off the public via instagram, people have begun speculating the reason why she may have taken such drastic measure, with the number one reason being that she was upset by an intimate profile that was printed in Billboard this week.

Before going private, the 25-year-old singer posted an angry message to her instagram story yesterday with a screenshot of a particular part of the Billboard article.

"Never will I let another human guess my words ever again. Or invite them into my home. That is so hurtful," Selena wrote.

The paragraph from the Billboard article that Selena seemed to get so upset about referenced a large stuffed teddy bear in her house that she had been given as a present.

"At first I thought, 'This is so ridiculous, I can't wait until I give it away to another person," Gomez was quoted as saying. The Billboard journalist then added, "But Gomez hasn't let go of it - yet."

Then just moments after posting the rant, her account was made private. Seems a bit telling if you ask me...

But if you were already one of Selena's 130 million followers before the privacy settings were changed you don't really need to worry, you should still be getting her posts popping up in your feed.

If you weren't following her already though you've kind of missed your chance on this one...but I mean you could always request to follow her and maybe on some off chance that luck is on your side she could accept your request?

Otherwise the closest you might get to seeing Selena on instagram is if her and Justin Bieber stop playing around and go insta official on his account...but again you might be waiting a while on that one.

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