Beautiful Music Bringing People Together In The Street

They may not have been able to communicate properly through speaking, but fortunately for Korean tourist Jun-Hyuk Choi and popular street band 'Romdraculas', music is an international language.

Choi, a contrabass player at Chungye University for the Arts in Seoul, asks if he could join Romdraculas to play a song. They agree to let him, and decide to play the jazz standard "Autumn Leaves," and it's amazing to watch.

Romdraculas is a very popular "gypsy" street band in Florence known by many, but perhaps not by Choi, although the tourists ability to jam with the band on a foreign bass guitar with only 3 strings instead of 4 is outstanding.

The performance is enjoyed and cheered on by everyone there to witness, luckily for us it was all captured on film as well.. watch above!

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