Beyonce's Lemonade Just Dropped - Here's The Lowdown

There has been plenty of speculation and anticipation recently with the knowledge that Beyonce was working on a secret project titled 'Project Lemonade'.

Two teaser trailers later and a time and a date... it is finally here.

It's all sass, attitude and Beyonce.

#LEMONADE The Visual Album.  Available now on BEYONCE.TIDAL.COM

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She's known for pushing boundaries in how music is released - ie releasing an album without notice online and now she's taken it one step further. 

Releasing a visual album live on HBO. 

There a few key observations we've noticed while watching the Lemonade project.

1. Jay Z... did you do something to wrong your wife? Because all the talk of 'side chicks', anger, karma and female empowerment... Twitter is going wild with theories that this may in fact be her announcing a divorce to Jay Z...

2. The guest stars! Did we just see Serena Williams twerking alongside Queen Bey? The Weekend just casually making an appearance.

3. It's a lot darker and less commercialised than a lot of Beyonce's music in the past. Obviously a passion project just for her and her most loyal fans and music lovers.

4. Halfway in... the one hour long segment is obviously about a journey... a confusing journey, but one none the less. 

5. After segments like 'empowerment' and 'accountability' this chapter is called 'forgiveness'... When life gives you lemons, make lemonade?

6. Okay, definitely not getting a divorce. Jaz Z just made an appearance and she kissed him. So apparently they are all good.

7. Ten minutes after Lemonade finished airing on HBO and there are already 505k tweets with #Lemonade! Beyonce has an incredibly loyal following!

8. What an incredible business partnership. The hour long visual album is officially being housed on Tidal, but HBO have rights to stream it for 24 hours. 

9. The production value, sets, costumes, cinematography make this a huge investment for Beyonce. Gone is a simple video clip for each single release... 

10. Definitely a must watch for all Beyonce fans. May the Jay Z speculation continue on...

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