Bruno Mars’ Heartbreaking Family Tragedy

If you know Bruno Mars well, you’ll know that he has quite the passionate fan base.

You also may know that it’s been a little while between albums, and it turns out there’s a reason why.

“The past four years, since his last album have been the hardest years of his life,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“He lost his mother three years ago totally unexpectedly. She had a brain aneurysm it was a total shock, it’s been a major process for him to recover from that and then last February his grandma (maternal grandmother Sally Bayot) who helped raise him passed away right before the Super Bowl.”

In heartbreaking footage, Mars is seen dedicating his song ‘Just The Way You Are’ to his grandma at one of his concerts, calling her his ‘heart and soul’.

“This album could have gone totally dark, there were certainly some dark days for Bruno, but instead he turned it into a celebration, he chose to honour his mom and grandmother — or Mamma as he called her — by making a joyous album.

They were full of good vibes and love and that’s what he wants this album to spread.”

Source: Hollywood Life

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