Cher And Future Have Teamed Up For A New Campaign And WTF

Cher and Future have teamed up in a new ad for the clothing company Gap.

The random duo also star in their new "Meet Me in the Gap" campaign.

We have to be honest. When we first saw the commercial, we were just as confused about the pairing of the two as anybody.

Then, we realised the whole underlying message was to "bridge the gap" between different people and unite individuals of different backgrounds, and it all made sense. Oh.

The commercial was directed by the extraordinary Director X.

In it, Cher and Future both sit on a staircase and sing a rendition of Sly & the Family Stone's single "Everyday People”, sharing smiles and laughs in between and after lines. 

In an interview with PEOPLE, Cher said about working with the rapper: “When Gap said they wanted to team me up with a young artist I knew it would be really beautiful. We had a blast together.” 

When asked how he felt about being a part of the Gap campaign, Future said: "It’s part of my DNA, growing up wearing Gap and now to see my son wearing it (Baby Future modelled for Gap a few months ago) and in a campaign ties the whole family together. They have something for every age, every person in a family."

He added: "It was cool to work with someone who is in the industry but has such a different background and life from me. Our love for music really connected us. She’s a true performer and a legend." 

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