Dave Grohl Explains The New Foo Fighters Album

Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl is animated in real life, so it makes sense that he finally got made into a cartoon.

A new Foo Fighters-produced video features audio of Grohl telling the story of the new album, Concrete & Gold, over a hilarious animation of the story.

Grohl focuses on his courtship of superstar pop producer Greg Kurstin, who's best known for his work with The Bird and the Bee, Beck, Adele, Sia, P!nk and others.

After becoming "obsessed" with a Bird and the Bee song, Grohl met Kurstin while vacationing in Hawaii. The two became friends and eventually Kurstin agreed to work on Concrete & Gold.

"We start recording, and our riffs go from heavy to huge," Grohl said. "It's clear that these songs that we have are going from Foo Fighters songs to something bigger than we'd ever done before in our entire lives.

The band recorded at EastWest studios in Hollywood, California.

Grohl said that beyond the history of the studios and the great sounding rooms, the Foo Fighters benefitted from the studio's constant stream of pop stars.

"One week Lady Gaga's there. Another week, Jason Bonham is there. The place is legendary; it's unbelievable," Grohl says of his many celebrity encounters.

But the Foo Fighters are one of the biggest rock bands around, so when Grohl started asking artists if they'd like to sing, not many of them turned him down.

"At this point, all bets are off, let's just get everybody to come in and play," he says.

Features on the album include Shawn Stockman from Boys II Men, saxophonist Dave Koz, Alison Mosshart, Justin Timberlake and Paul McCartney.

The end result is a Foo Fighters album that Grohl and the band are in love with.

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