David Campbell's 7 Year Old Son Penned A Letter To Santa

Christmas is really a time for the kids. It's magical, there's Santa and of course there are pressies under the tree.

One thing we LOVE about this time of year, is when celebs share what their families are up to over the holiday season and this year is no exception!

Crooner and TODAY host, David Campbell, shared an insta pic this morning, of a letter written by his seven-year-old son Leo to Santa Claus.

"Dear Santa it's Leo Campbell here," the letter starts. He then goes on to tell the jolly man in red about the gifts he and his brother and sister, Billy and Betty, want for christmas. Standard kid stuff right?

The best bit comes towards the end. Leo writes:

"Say hello Mrs Claus and say hello to rudolph. you think were going to be in sydneny but were actually were going to be in melbourne and david will tell you the Address." [sic]

PRICELESS + I'm pretty impressed he spelt Melbourne right...

David's comment was everything: "Leo’s letter to Santa. He worked so hard on his writing this year and so I think the elves will be good to him. 😉 note he calls me David in the letter because he knows Santa and I are mates."

THIS is what Christmas is all about.

See the gorgeous post below!

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