Deadmau5 Calls Out The Weeknd For Possible Collaboration

Unusual for Deadmau5 because of his aversion to anything pop/mainstream or in his description "a sellout", he's unexpectedly tweeted a public call for The Weeknd to experiment with a track of his on a possible collaboration.

A few new sounds were uploaded to his Soundcloud account overnight, but the final one, "diesel powered cat thruster," is the one that's got our attention with the shoutout to The Weeknd for some vocal duty.

Despite his dislike for pop music and everything surrounding it, it seems that The Weeknd does not fit in this same category for him, apparently "he's an okay guy" and "he can sing good and do other stuff good too."

All we can say is we hope this actually happens, Deadmau5' sound and The Weeknd's vocals could produce a winner.

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