Demi Lovato Nude Photos Leak, Singer Responds Epically

Alleged nude photos of Demi Lovato have surfaced, potentially making her another victim in the hackings targeting a bunch of Hollywood stars this month.

There are apparently two photos circulating. One features Demi lying in bed, wearing a zipped hoodie revealing the singer's cleavage. Whilst the other which has been floating around the internet since before this latest scandal went down, sees a faceless woman exposing the lower half of her body. Again, there's no word that these pics are actually of Demi.

However, Demi has confirmed - in the chillest way possible - that the clevage photo, is in fact her, and tbh doesn't see why the internet is freaking out. 

As pointed out by Demi, this isn't the first time the internet has seen her naked. In 2015, Demi posed nude in an incredibly empowering Vanity Fair photo shoot.

As for the hackings, Emma Watson, Katie Cassidy, Dylan Penn, Rhona Mitra, have also been targeted. 

Source: iHeart US

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