Did Justin Bieber Just Start A New Celebrity Feud?

WOAH. This is full on.

A new video has come to light on Instagram featuring Justin Bieber and one of his pals, where he weirdly refers to himself as Miley Cyrus.

Back in the day there was a series of YouTube videos called The Miley and Mindy Show featuring Miley and her friend Mandy Jiroux.

Justin is completely taking the pi** out of those videos showing ''Tuning in to the Miley and Mandy show, I'm Miley.''

His friend then chimes in saying ''How you doing? I'm Mandy!''

Khalil via sc

A video posted by Justin Bieber Updates™ (@justinbiebertracker) on

Biebs seemed to be mocking Miley's deep voice and southern accent, which really makes it seem like he may not be her biggest fan.

Hmmm.. has another celebrity feud started?

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