You can now have DJ Khaled Give You Directions On Waze

*Deeee Jayyyy Khaled (said in his voice)

In something we never predicted to be a thing, everyone’s fave DJ, DJ Khaled is lending his voice to directions app, Waze.

Yep, the I’m The One rocker has teamed up with Waze so you can be cruising along the streets and have him in the car with you… well, kinda.

To get DJ Khaled to be your directions master, head to the ‘Voice & Sound’ settings within the Waze App and select DJ Khaled.


Then you’re good to go!

But the good news keeps on coming...

Did you know you can stream iHeartRadio through your Waze app for the best tunes while you're driving?!

Listen to DJ Khaled's Feature 5 Radio on iHeartRadio now!

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