Drake's Been Sending Gifts To Taylor Swift, But Not For Her

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Drake and Taylor Swift's potential romance has been a thing since it was reported that they spent the night together after his 30th birthday party two weeks ago.

While we're still not sure what to think about it, let's be honest, who are we to judge anyway.

But the way that Drake is apparently going after Tay Tay's heart has also got our attention!

According to a source for Hollywood Life, "Drake knows the way to Taylor's heart and he's going for it in a big way. He stopped into a PetCo and went buck wild on cat accessories for Taylor."

That's right, cat accessories.

Swift's two little felines, Meredith and Olivia, feature regularly on her Instagram and are the love of her life. Let's be real, none of her boyfriends to date have been able to become that. So, in our books, Drizzy is playing a pretty clever card by showering the two cats with presents.

What do you think, is this a good way to a woman's heart?

Meredith is allergic to joy.

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