Evanescence Return With A New Track After Six Years

Evanescence have premiered their new track "Imperfection" – the first material from their upcoming album Synthesis.

The record featuring reworkings of some of their best-loved songs will launch on November 10, with Imperfection one of two new tracks to appear on the follow-up to the band’s self-titled 2011 album.

Vocalist Amy Lee says: “For me, this is the most important song on the album. I struggled with the lyrics for a long time because there was a lifetime of work to live up to and I wasn’t sure what to say or how to be good enough.

“When it finally started pouring out of me, it was undeniable. I had no choice. It's for all the people we’ve lost, all the people who we could lose, to suicide and depression.

“I’m singing from the perspective of the person left behind, the person in the waiting room. It’s a plea to fight for your life, to stay. Don't give into the fear – I have to tell myself that every day.

“Nobody is perfect. We are all imperfect and it’s precisely those imperfections that make us who we are and we have to embrace them because there’s so much beauty in those differences. Life is worth fighting for. You are worth fighting for."

Via iHeartRadioUS

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