Fan Granted Refund After Accusing KISS Of Lip-Syncing

Allegations of lip-synching have dogged Kiss since the band returned last year to promote its 'End of the Road' farewell tour.

The band was mostly excused for apparently playing to tracks during a slew of television appearances last year, but the performances have led to many fans being skeptical of what they are seeing and hearing in concert.

Since the tour started in January, dozens of videos have surfaces online seemingly depicting mishaps in Kiss's show, where front man Paul Stanley's voice can be hear loud and clear through the arena PA system, even though he's far from his microphone.

Eddie Trunk recently reported that he personally knows a Kiss fan who complained after paying $1,000 for four tickets to see the band perform in Boston. To the fan's pleasant surprise, he got a refund.

Trunk says the fan argued, "'I paid for live; this is not fully live, I want a refund.' Twenty-four hours later, Ticketmaster issued the refund. That is interesting. This person sent me an email about it, this is a guy who is also in the business so this is not just a fan who is just trying to stir the pot."

In 2015, Stanley admitted to singing to a track at a concert in Japan because his voice was shot and he "didn't want to disappoint."

The vocal cords are fragile things, after all, and Stanley has famously suffered from vocal problems. A series of embarrassing live moments led to him having surgery earlier this decade. But even after the procedure, the Starchild struggled at times. Until now.

Before this tour, Stanley has assured fans that his voice was in 'great form', and that he was "doing a lot to make sure" he sounded great live.

While few doubt Stanley has completely lost his voice — and even Sebastian Bach assured fans that what he saw in Los Angeles was 100 percent real — many more are skeptical that Stanley is suddenly capable of doing it live every single night.

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Article: Andrew Magnotta

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