Fans Are Seriously Baffled By This Ariana Grande Album Cover

The album may have been released back in 2014, but fans are only just recently starting to come forward about one thing that they just don't understand about the Ariana Grande 'My Everything' cover photo...

How ON EARTH did she manage to balance on that tiny stool in that position? And maintain her flawless pose while doing so?

It's something we never noticed before, but now that some twitter users (with possibly too much time on their hands) have brought it to our attention, we're actually very curious. Please explain Ari?!

Jesse McLaren was the first person to point out that Ari's stance was practically impossible.

"I've done the research and there's no way her ass is sitting on that stool," he wrote in a Tweet with accompanying photographic evidence.

And then other Twitter users started chiming in, with one saying that he couldn't do it because he didn't have the infamous Ariana ponytail that "balances everything out".

But sadly this wasn't the answer. Jesse did in fact have long hair and had it sitting in a ponytail.

Of course, all of us were left thinking, must be photoshopped right? Wrong! Some balancing experts out there have actually mastered the album cover pose. Although, they look a bit more hilarious than graceful.

Eventually Ariana herself even jumped in on the joke, posting to her Twitter page that the pose would be covered on the next episode of Mythbusters. LOL!

Looks like some things should just be left to the experts! Including this other Ariana myth: that NO ONE can look this hot while doing a cycle class...


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