Fergie Shows Shows Emotional Relationship In New Video

In the second worst couple split of 2017 (ahem Chris Pratt and Anna Farris), Fergie and Josh Duhamel announced their divorce after eight years of marriage.

Several reports are citing that Josh was “over Fergie’s partying ways as she continued to make new music”.

And new music she has made – with the timely release of her new song ‘Save It Til Morning’.

The music video shows the ups and downs of a celebrity relationship with fights, tension and tears and it’s certainly sad AF.


"Wanna hide away in a quiet place and wait out your storm of words again," The lyrics say. "Build a wall and put my armour on, escape the bullet, babe."

The song is reminiscent of “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, which we are all for – because it was definitely one of the greatest break up songs.

May we also point out that her co-star in the video Jay Hernandez is a deadest babe – but we digress.

Watch the emotional video below!

Fergie's Double Dutchess album is out now!

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