Fetty Wap Involved In Shooting Incident

Raheem Thomas, long time rival of Fetty Wap, real name Willie Maxwell, recently posted a picture of himself wearing Fetty Wap's stolen "1738" chain, which he denies stealing.

The image posted allegedly started the altercation outside of a 24-hour deli on Sunday, in which shots were fired.

The shooting occurred shortly after 5 a.m on Sunday and according to Police, the rapper was not injured.

City Police Director Jerry Speziale explained the dispute began inside the deli when "a group that included Willie Maxwell (Fetty Wap) became involved in a heated altercation with another group that entered the deli a short time after Maxwell's arrival," NJ.com reports. According to Speziale's statement, "a fight broke out inside the deli with one male victim struck with a firearm," leading to a further altercation in the street, where the three injured men were struck.

TMZ reports that New Jersey police have since arrested a suspect believed to have shot three people in the altercation.

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