Frances Bean Cobain Embraces "Authenticity"

Only a very select few know what it's like to grow up with famous parents, and for Frances Bean Cobain that experience was less than ideal.

The only daughter of Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain and Hole singer Courtney Love, the 26-year-old considers herself the "O.G. Blue Ivy," and while she found a special bond with other celebrity kids like Sean Lennon and Billie Lourd, she admitted in a new interview that for the most part her unique social circle is “filled to the brim with the worst people that I’ve ever met…”

But as the young musician tries to navigate her world, she's mindful of her position and steers clear of anything that could make her be perceived as "inauthentic."

“My brand is authenticity,” she declared.

“That is what I’m trying to provide in the service of this world because it’s so very lacking in the age of the Kardashian. And it’s fine, [Kim Kardashian and her family] fill that very specific role for a reason but everything is so saturated, filtered, conceived and what people are really thirsty for, I think, in an artistic way is being able to see people for who they are and all of the messy bits involved.”

And she knows all about messy.

She is the daughter of Kurt and Courtney, after all. In fact, she was hesitant on becoming an artist herself because of that.

“So many people are trying to replicate or re-do what their parents have done, right?" she says.

"I was really, really hesitant about calling myself a musician for a really long time because it’s my family business. It’s the same thing as becoming a doctor because your parents are doctors."

"And also there’s this kind of dirty association with musicianship in my family just because it hasn’t ended particularly well in that realm," she continued.

"But what I think is making me and pushing me to go for it is that I don’t sound or act or am anything like my parents artistry. That’s their own thing. What my voice sounds like is not relevant to what they are at all.”

Frances has been teasing songs on Instagram over the past year and is expected to release her debut album sometime this year.

Article: Katrina Nattress

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