Gigi Hadid Liked A Photo Of Perrie Edwards

You know how sometimes you get so neck deep into a stalking spree that you somehow end up on your boyfriend's, ex-girlfriend's, cousin's, sister's, cat's instagram page?

And of course how UTTERLY HUMILIATING it can be when you're just casually scrolling through their page when you accidentally double tap a pic from December 2014?

Yeah don't worry, as embarrassing as it might be we've all been there. Literally ALL of us, as it turns out that even someone as famous as Gigi Hadid experiences these moments!

She may be a super model, having even donned victoria's secret wings, but she's still a 21-year-old female and so it's only natural that Gigi has an old stalk every now and then in her down time.

Unfortunately for Miss Hadid though, her millions of followers don't let anything as little as a single like go unnoticed.

Which is why, when Gigi liked a picture of her current beau Zayn Malik's ex-girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, the internet had no chill.

It's reported that the image was on a Perrie Edwards fan page, and Gigi apparently liked and then unliked the image, sparking rumours that she was stalking and accidentally gave the pic a heart.

However, some quick fans managed to screenshot the notification of Gigi liking the photo as proof before she was able to undo her mistake. And the Little Mix singer's fan page proceeded to post the screenshot.

Of course, this situation is made even more awkward by the fact that Zayn and Perrie's relationship did not have a clean breakup. The pair were actually engaged back in 2013 until Malik called it off in 2015.

And then the drama started when Zayn took only a few months to move on with Gigi, sparking lyrics in Little Mix's song 'Shoutout TO My Ex'.

Lucky for all though, this story does have a happy ending, with Perrie recently going public with her new BF, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. And we have to admit Zayn and Gigi make one very attractive couple.

I guess Gigi will be a tad more careful next time she's having an innocent stalk.

But really...don't you think it's more embarrassing that people are stalking HER so hard that they catch the single second she makes one mistake?

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