GLEE Star Has Been Arrested On A Battery Charge

Naya Rivera has been arrested overnight on domestic battery charges after a fight with her actor husband, Ryan Dorsey.

The incident ocurred at the couple’s West Virginia home, according to a report on WSAZ-TV, and allegedly involved Naya hitting him in the head and lip while they were taking their child for a walk.

Footage was posted online by local news reporter Jatara McGee, and shows Naya in handcuffs being arraigned at a local police station.

According to reports, police were called to their home at around 9:30pm local time, where Dorsey claimed that his wife hit him on the head and lip during the walk.

He also reportedly provided mobile phone footage of the incident to the police. Naya has now been released on a $1000 bond.

The couple filed for divorce last year after two years of marriage, but PEOPLE magazine reported that Rivera called off the separation earlier this month.


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