Guitarist Reworks Metallica Songs To Sound Like Blink 182

Metallica's debut studio album, Kill 'Em All, was released way back in July of 1983 leading to major success throughout the '80s and beyond.

In the early '90s when pop punk emerged on the scene, Blink 182 carved out a huge slice of the fanbase against other bands such as The Offspring, Green Day and Oasis.

One YouTuber, and guitarist, by the name of Ben Eller has just blown to pieces the thought that metal band Metallica and pop punk bands are a completely different sound, by playing Metallica songs in Major Key instead of Minor Key.

As Brobible puts it, he's proven that Blink 182 = Metallica, and Metallica = Blink 182.

So, it's possible that Blink 182 and other like pop punk bands were actually influenced by Metallica but decided to inject new life into the songs by playing in Major Key... see what you think by watching the video at top.

h/t: Brobible

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