Harry Styles Heavily British Rock Influenced Debut Solo Song

It's well-known that One Direction is on an indefinite hiatus and the members have mostly split off into their own solo careers, each following a different sound.

Louis, Zayn and Niall are all starting to carve out their own unique path, and now Harry Styles is getting in on the solo action, with a heavily British rock royalty influenced sound kicking off with 'Sign of the Times'.

Rumours swirled that Styles' sound would be different, taking influence from '70s rock staples Queen and David Bowie, an aspiration backed up by his own fashion statements of recent years.

Although, as Billboard reports, 'Sign of the Times' isn't really a track that's similar to anything on the charts right now, at all.

Everyone from The Beatles to Bowie to George Michael and even Coldplay can be said to have helped formed Harry's musical sound in 'Sign of the Times,' and he does these artistic legends justice without sounding like a rip-off.

So, could this be the start of the end of the current pop sound where artists like Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars dominate the charts and radio play?

Listen to 'Sign of the Times' at top and let us know what you think, below.

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