Is Harry Styles Working On A Secret Side Project… Right Now?

Try not to freak out, but there's a solid chance Harry Styles could be working on a side project right under our noses.

Since One Direction announced their hiatus, Harry's cut his hair, filmed Dunkirk -his debut war film, has potentially been working on new music, and might be doing something else.

Other than that, we really haven't seen or heard much from Harry...'til now.

For the first time in ages, a video posted by One Direction's friend and stylist Lou Teasdale, has 1D fans on the edge of their seats.

Werk 🎥

A post shared by Lou Teasdale (@louteasdale) on

The video is simply captioned, "Werk," and features Lou fixing up Harry's makeup on set. Clearly, he's doing something in front of the camera, but there are a few obvious facts we need to point out.

1. Harry has short hair so it could be recent.

2. But then again, his arms are quite tattoo-less, suggesting that this video could be old, or he's covered them up.

3. Is it the shoot for his upcoming cover art?

Earlier this week Harry was spotted leaving a London recording studio.

All signs point to new music! We can't wait to see what Harry does next. 


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