Has Taylor Swift Sneakily Teased Another New Song?

Taylor Swift doesn't just release a song... 

There's often hints and teasers and messages galore in the lead up. 

And it looks like that isn't going to change anytime soon. 

Swifties think that the pop princess has slyly added a clip of her latest song "Rip Off The Page" in a new ad released by UPS.

The ad is for a collaboration between Swift and the postage company - encouraging fans to seek out the specially branded UPS Vans and share and upload photos in exchange for prizes. 

But there's a very interesting tune in the background. 

On its own it sounds of nothing. However when slowed down, there's some definite 'Taylor Swift-esque' elements to it. 

Could it be? 

"Rip Off The Page" definitely fits into the aesthetic Tay Tay is going for with this album - armed and ready to fight back at the media.

We can't wait to hear the song in its entirety, if so. 

It's definitely a different sound to her first two tracks off her Reputation album - Ready For It and Look What You Made Me Do. 

Her full album drops next month. 

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