Eminem Is Getting $415,000 from New Zealand

Eminem has just been awarded a lot of dosh.

According to the Associated Press, the rapper was awarded $530,000 AUD plus interest from a New Zealand political party over the unfair use of a song in its political ads that was similar to his infamous "Lose Yourself" track. 

 “We think it’s a very strong judgment, and a cautionary tale for people who make or use sound-alikes around the world,” said Sydney-based attorney, Adam Simpson, who represented Eminem's publisher, Eight Mile Style.

The lawyer continued: “We hope that we see more original music in advertising as a result, and that writers get properly acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work.”

In 2014 -- which is when the lawsuit was first filed -- the New Zealand national party ran a televised ad that featured the “Eminem-esque” song over 180 times. 

High Court Judge Helen Cull ruled that it “definitely” was a copy of "Lose Yourself." 

Billboard originally reported the story and reads: "She said it was no coincidence the composer of 'Eminem Esque' had the music to the original in front of him when he wrote his song."

Eight Mile Style publisher Joel Martin said that he was very upset during the trial when the opposing side's lawyers tried to argue that "Lose Yourself" wasn't "original" because the song used some of the same chords as many other songs.

“They could have said anything but question its originality,” he said.

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