HOT AS! Spice Girl Mel B Has Showed Off Her New AMAZING Body

She has never looked better and it appears we may have a new Sporty Spice ;).

The famous singer and mum of three showed the world her ripped abs on the beach in Ibiza over the weekend after losing ‘’nearly 30lbs.’’

Mel captioned a screenshot of the song ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’’ saying ‘’My jam right now In the gym in Ibiza but no pill for me hahaha. he only high I got was from working out, and Ive worked soooo hard for this body.’’

She carried on to say ‘’A few months ago I was nearly 30 lbs. heavier and I put myself on a mission to change, to change and be the best version of myself inside and out. Trust me it didn't come easy it takes a lot of dedication control discipline and will power cos it isn't fun been the only girl at the party not drinking and the only one waking up at the crack of dawn to workout’’

She looks in incredible and even said ‘’The hard work is paying of finally I feel amazing’.

It’s as if she didn’t think we knew she was working hard though, with Mel posting a photo of her getting into her fitness in the gym and saying ‘’Yep I'm even shocked at my cardio commitment right now an [hour] on the running machine fat burning.’’

Keep it up, Mel!

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