Hurricane Fall Give The Scoop On The Bachelorette

Hurricane Fall are a four piece rock edge country band who can now also add "reality TV debut" to their repertoire.

The guys, made up of Jesse Vee, Pepper Deroy, Jimmy Hick and Dusty, recently performed on Sophie Monk's epic season of Channel 10's The Bachelorette.

Jesse and Pepper spoke with iHeart Country's Amber Lawrence in the Friend Zone and gave her the scoop on what it's really like to be on the show. 

"Well, Sophie's a great friend of ours and she rang us up and said, 'guys, can you come perform on this special moment of the series with this attractive guy who I'm not going to pick… and that's what happened," Pepper said. "JV rang up and said, 'yeh, our mate Sophie!' and I was like 'who'?"

Sounds like you're all "great friends" guys!

The foursome played the "romantic band in the corner" for Sophie and bachie villain, Blake.

"It was freezing cold and we waited there for six hours," Pepper told Amber. "It was nippily, that's how cold it was." 

"It wasn't romantic at all," JV admitted. "The atmosphere was really, really nice if you're into that romantic side of stuff with all the big lights shining and you're ready to go…"

"It was intimate with all those producers," Pepper interrupted. "There was no pressure at all… It was like OK and cue the kiss. Well, no it wasn't..."

All jokes aside, the boys admitted the whole experience to be totally worth it.

Hurricane Fall's song Don't Miss Me spiked on the ARIA charts as a result of the show. In fact, the song re-entered the charts having been released six months prior.

Good experience or not, would any of them actually become a contestant? Abso-bloody-lutely not.

Catch the full chat with Amber Lawrence on iHeart Country at 6pm tonight.

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