Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect' Music Video Will Make You Swoon

Ed Sheeran stole our hearts back in 2014 when he released the music video for a song that was just destined to be used for first dances at weddings, 'Thinking Out Loud'.

And boy from that point on we really didn't think it was possible for us to fall even MORE in love with the guy.

But we were wrong; the musical genius has gone and done it again with the release of his latest music video, 'Perfect'.

While the song itself has given us tingles and I won't lie, a few tears ever since it was released, the music video will bring nothing but a smile to your face.

It see's the loveable Ed travel to a magical winter wonderland A.K.A the snow fields in Austria, where he gives us a glimpse into the love story between himself and the woman of his dreams, played by actress Zoey Deutch.

They laugh together, slow dance together in the snow and my god Ed even serenades her with the song! We can barely deal.

And what's even cuter, although the video was directed by Jason Koeing (the same guy who made the 'Shape Of You' video), Ed actually wrote the script for the 'Perfect' video himself!

'Perfect' is the fourth single to be released from the album 'Divide', and well, it really is nothing short of perfect.

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