James Blunt Gets Roasted By Aussie Comedian Tom Gleeson

It was a battle to see who was most 'blunt' on ABC's 'The Weekly with Charlie Pickering', when Tom Gleeson sat down with James Blunt on humorous segment Hard Chat.

You don't need to be a fan of James Blunt's music to be a fan of the man, if you've seen his Twitter account or heard his interviews you'll know he's got quite the dead-pan sense of humour himself to stand up to the test from a pro, and needless to say, his match up with Tom Gleeson pairs brilliantly.

Blunt gets thrown lines such as, "Now you're really good at writing great comebacks on Twitter, wouldn't it be easier to write great songs?"

See how he handles the hilarious chat, as well as some of his brilliant tweets, below:

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