Jay Z's Alleged Love Child Seeks Justice

Jay Z's alleged love child is reportedly heading to court to fight that he is the superstar's son.

Rymir Satterthwaite, 22, is claiming his mother Wanda slept with Jay Z all those years ago. They have now taken the paternity case to the Federal Court to try and get a paternity test, reports Radar Online.

In a new chat he says '' I will not stop until justice is served in court. Everybody deserves a fair due process in the court of law''.

Jay Z has not made any comments regarding the case but is already a father of Blue Ivy to his wife Beyonce.

America's Family Civil Liberies Union supports Satterthwaite's case and they believe Jay Z's lawyers have conspired with workers at their local branches to withhold important documents.

Satterthwaite and his godmother have been trying to get the case to court since 2011.

It probably isn't the last we have heard of this.. it's about to get juicy!

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