Jesse McCartney Just Released New Music

Holy Moly we literally can’t DEAL right now because Jesse McCartney has just released new music and bless his 'Beautiful Soul’!!

We don’t know about you but as teenagers we were seriously obsessed with Jesse’s dazzling good looks and yes we may have pretended that he was singing directly to us when we’d listen to ‘Beautiful Soul’ and so we are so damn excited that he’s making a comeback.

The new song is called “Better With You” and even though it was released just a few days ago there’s already a music video to accompany the tune that is no doubt about to become our favourite song.

And can we just say the song is actually soooooo good! It’s not like that time Paris Hilton decided to drop some new music (we love her but singing really isn’t her forte). Jesse McCartney’s voice seems to aged like a fine wine and gotten even BETTER over time if that’s even possible.

Only one new song has been released from McCartney so far but we’re hoping that this means a whole darn album is on the way!

Now we’re feeling so nostalgic we’re going to go and listen to ‘Beautiful Soul’ on repeat for the rest of the day.

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