Jessie J Has Released A New Song Overnight And DAYUM GIRL

Jessie J has done some growing as a woman and it's heard crystal clear on her new single, "Think About That," which serves as the lead single off her forthcoming album, R.O.S.E.

On the almost-four-minute track, the soulful pop artist evokes a defiant attitude as she calls out a former lover for betraying her.

 It's clearly a narrative that we've heard in the in the past, but Jessie's delivery is key as she spits: "I was living my dreams through your eyes/ Building my life on your lies/ You just laughed when I cried." 

It is also in line with the concept for the video to "Think," which dropped simultaneously along with the song.

Speaking with Billboard, Jessie said that the visual to the track had to be simplistic to pay more of an emphasis on the lyrical content.

"I wanted the storyline to be simple because I wanted people to hear the lyric," she explained. "I wrote the treatment and edited it myself with director Erik Rojas and creative director Brian Ziff, who also did the album shoot. “

“The video ties in with the R.O.S.E. video, which I also wrote and edited,” she said. “It ends with me in the pose on my knees holding a rose and tied up. So I start the video tied up on my knees in a blank space, holding the rose and tearing it apart."

Watch it below:

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