Joe Jonas FINALLY Explains What ‘Cake By The Ocean’ Means

Jo Jonas is in a cool new band called DNCE and their new single is EXTREMELY catchy. 

"Cake by the Ocean" even features Jo saying the F-Word! (Say whaaaat? We know) 

However the title of the song didn't quite make sense... why would you take a cake to the beach? 

Sand would blow all over the icing and stick to it, ruining everything! 

Talking to MTV, Joe revealed that the title isn't supposed to be taken so literally after all. 

"Working on the record, these Swedish producers that we were working with kept confusing 'sex on the beach' with 'cake by the ocean'. Then, it became this kind of lyrically wacky song and it kind of embodies the band. It's funky, it's fresh, I think it's something that people can dance to". 

It wasn't disclosed whether the original title was supposed to be 'Sex on the beach'. 

Our favourite lyrics? 'Red velvet, vanilla, chocolate in my life. Confetti, I'm ready; I need it every night'. '


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