Justin Bieber Reveals He Has A DAUGHTER!

Just kidding! Well, at least Justin was when he posted a photo of himself holding a little girl he claimed was his ‘daughter’…

If you’re fluent in your Justin Bieber, you’ll know that he’s not been quite ‘right’ recently.

His head seems to be a little all over the place, and many are concerned that he will receive the fate of many ‘child stars’ - that is, go a little wacky.

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He’s already said ‘no’ to anymore photos with fans because he felt “like a zoo animal”, followed Selena Gomez on Instagram again (we assume in a move during a lonely night), and has been known to post some kind of cryptic, creepy stuff.

It’s just not ‘him’… Now, he’s making headlines (something he seemingly didn’t want to do) for posting a photo of himself holding a little girl on Instagram. There’s no denying the little girl could be his, she’s THAT cute.

It wouldn’t be completely unreasonable to believe JB has a secret child.

It sure caught Louis Tomlinson and Chris Brown by surprise, and we know from seeing Justin with his step-siblings that he’s made a pretty awesome dad.

The mystery is, if the baby is in fact not Justin’s daughter, who’s is she?!

Or, is it his daughter, and he’s messing with us all? You never really know with him… and that’s what keeps us coming back for more!

Source: Hollywood Life

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