Justin & Selena Gomez Have Been Caught Smooching At Hockey

It’s been a few week of bike rides and all afternoon get togethers, and we’ve all been on the edge of our seats, waiting for confirmation that Selena and Justin are back together and giving it a good go.

It seems we’ve got our wish.

The couple have been spotted smooching over the hockey rink fence during Justin’s practice.

It seems he got tired of hitting the ball and glided over to his lady love to plant a kiss on her.

Cue collective heart flutters.

In addition to the kiss, there was shoulder touching, leaning, staring, grinning and a heap more kissing.

It seems now that they’re older and no doubt a little wiser, they’re giving their love another go.

Jelena fans are in celebration mode, that’s for sure.

Source: TMZ

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