Bieber Surprised Dedicated Fans Outside Hotel After Concert

One thing is for sure, whether you love him or not, you can’t help but admit Justin Bieber brings a crowd.

Bieber bedlam has well and truly hit Australia, and his fans just can’t get enough - so when he approached the gate outside the front of his hotel to meet his adoring fans, it was pretty special.

The biggest Beliebers gathered at the gate after his first show in Perth on Monday night, no doubt an effort to make up for the fact that he was half an hour late to his show.

By artist standards, that’s actually not too bad, given the fact that artists like Lauryn Hill, Madonna and Kanye West have turned up hours late for shows in the past.

Bieber walked to the gate of excited fans and took time out to chat with them before leaving Perth yesterday.

It has been hinted that Justin will soon collaborate with the likes of DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne and Chance the Rapper, after DJ Khaled shared some cryptic snaps to his Instagram page.

Source: Daily Mail

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