Justin & Selena Spotted Eating Breakfast Together

If there’s one thing ‘Jelena’ fans have always been hopeful of, it’s that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez would find a way to be together once more.

Well, despite Selena’s budding romance with The Weeknd, it seems that the pop stars are making fans dreams come true.

Last week, Biebs’ car was spotted at Selena’s home, and we all thought, ‘crazy - but probably a one-off after her kidney surgery.’

However, the pair have now been spotted out at a cafe in Westlake Village together, reportedly enjoying some breakfast together, if TMZ reports are to be believed.

Biebs had a hoodie pulled over his head during the visit, while Selena was in plain sight.

Allegedly, The Weeknd is totally cool with the pair hanging out… but really though?!

Source: TMZ

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